Our Approach


Our vision is to offer no nonsense, practical solutions, to help companies towards competitive advantage by excellence in business philosophy.



  • Requirement-driven project plan


  • Project Tranparency


  • Incremental deliverables

  • Iterative processes


  • Customer-centered technology


  • Customer-driven methodology


  • Scientifically grounded toolbox



In order to obtain competitive advantage business solutions must be customer-driven, and reflect the customer's unique selling points.


We help customers see their uniqueness in a business context, and translate this uniqeness to good business.


  • Project goals and subgoals based on testable customer requirements. Hereby the project plan translates directly to customer value.
  • Transparency. We have full disclosure towards the customer and work in an open and trustworthy climate.
  • Incremental deliverables. The customer will get deliverables faster and will be able to evaluate the project before the contract ends.
  • Iterative deliverables. Through the agile project methodology, the incremental deliverables is evaluated by our customer within the project framework.
  • Customer-driven technology. Technology based on customer needs, rather than supplier contracts. We offer properiatary based or open source software solutions based on each customers individual needs.
  • Customer centered methodology enables individually adapted solutions, which is a prerequisit for competative advantage.
  • Scientifically grounded toolbox. Our methods are based on well tested and scientifically proven work activities.




Our consultants have experience both from academia and industry to ensure both proven scientific methodology as well as business know-how. We offer no nonsense, practical solutions, for your business success


The company is based on the Isle of Man in the middle of the Irish sea. However one of our consultants resides in Stockholm Sweden.


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Fredrik Stromberg



Fredrik's experience comes mainly from the gaming and gambling industries and he has an academic background in theoretical philosophy.

Joakim Snygg



Joakim is a system developer with focus on BI and data warehouses. His academic background was centered on software evolution and process improvement.

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