Philosophical Solutions offers business philosophy and management support within three categories: Goal & Strategy Analysis, Knowledge Management and Decision Support Systems.


Laxely Trees

Goal & Strategy Analysis


Clear and critical thinking is key to analysing your business goals and strategy. This is especially true if you want to run and a long-term successful business in a malleable marketplace that is prone to change and development. Understanding what you do, what you are good at, and how to maximise your own strengths, are key factors to create value and long-term success.


Through tested methodologies, such as Socratic method, viable system analysis, and Business Goal Modelling, we believe we can help find the core factors that drives your business, over and beyond what is directly visible through traditional spreadsheets. This is true whether you are a start up company, needing help to move vision into viable business processes, or an established company that needs more focus and understanding about how to move forward in an ever-changing business environment.


A few examples of what we can do for you:


  • Company philosophy explication
  • Business strategy analysis
  • Acqusition strategy analysis


  • Research & Development strategy
  • Viable system analysis
  • Business Movivation Modelling

Knowledge Management


Most companies today are to a larger or smaller degree knowledge companies, meaning a large part of the company value is in the knowledge it possesses. With this comes the risk that knowledge is tied up to individuals rather than the company, and if personnel change a large part of the company value goes with them. Through proper knowledge management this risk can be reduced or completely removed and the value creation through knowledge and know-how can be retained within the business.


We work with institutional memory and organisational learning to help your company keep and grow value within the organisation even if key personell move. Through proper knowledge management we also help with knowledge management and create business maturity. We can help analyse existing procedures, suggest improvement, and define andf clarify existing assumptions about how things are done, to maximise the efficiency and talents all already existing in your company.


A few examples of what we can do for you:

  • Defining job roles and hiring strategy
  • Procedure and workflow analysis
  • Efficiency management
  • Policy and procedure creation
  • Project method analysis and improvement
  • Knowledge value
  • Knowledge risk analysis

Decision Support


Our product Decision Support can be divided in two domains. On the one hand, how to approach and put questions to information (data) for decisions. On the other hand, implement the technical infrastructure for decision support into place. This approach enables decision makers create accessible informationand to ask pertinent questions that will ensure informed decisions.


We can help implement analytic tools and business intelligence software to help you base your decisions on data trends and facts. With a good technical solution in place any question can be asked of the data, but what questions are pertinent? We can help you maximize the information you can get from existing data sources and find new questions to ask from your existing data. We can help identify information gaps and even help decisions in order to optimise client behaviour through decision theory and behavioural analysis. We are happy to supply you with a concrete, no nonsense, approach to support your decision making.


A few examples of what we can do for you:

  • IT acqusition and architecture guidance
  • Intelligent questioning
  • Customer behaviour optimisation
  • Setting up a data warehouse for BI


  • Enriching your data


  • Data and Process mining


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