A Few Words About Us

Through clear and critical thinking, we provide individual and confidential solutions by explicating business philosophy to gain competitive advantage.

We help your business evolve and navigate towards efficiency, viability and institutional knowledge. Whether you are a startup company needing guidance in moving from vision to concrete plans, or your business need support in evolving for the future, we want to be there with you.

Our Products

Goal & Strategy Analysis

We use Socratic methods, viable system analysis, Business Motivation modeling, and VV&A, to help you improve your business goals and strategies. We do  research and market analysis to help your company get the most out of its existing strengths and to grow value.

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Knowledge Management

We work with institutional memory and organisational learning to help your company keep and grow value, within the company, even when key personnel move. Through proper knowledge management we help with knowledge mining and create business maturity.

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Decision Support

We divide our product Decision Support into two domains. On the one hand, how to approach and put questions to information (data) for decisions. On the other hand, to create data warehouses for business intelligence.

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Some of our recent projects:

Company startup strategy

Business consultancy, gaming industry

Game development strategy

Personal coaching for managers

What we do

We support your company to achieve competitive advantages in your business field.

- Why philosophical solutions?

Within a business context, philosophy can be said to deal with the foundation of actions and belief about a certain business endeavour. Philosophical solutions help an organisation take control of responses to business environmental factors based on the individual needs of each organisation.

By analysing your business way of thinking, its strategy and core values,  we can help solve problems, identify business oppurtunities, clarify goals and motivation, as well as outline strategies for the future.